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Here is the Definition of constipation:  Basically what it means to be constipated is when you cannot move your bowels or you have a painful and prolonged bowel movement.  The average time between each of your bowel movements has different ranges depending on the individual.  The average human being moves their bowels about 3 times a day, and other people only one or two times a week. If you go more than 3 days without moving your bowels than that has gone way too long. After the three day mark, your stool can become really hard and very difficult to pass through your system.This is a subject that touches close to my heart.  I have struggled with constipation for most of my life and found that some over the counter medicines can be helpful, but I have tried several different home remedies for constipation and they work very well for immediate and long term relief.  I am going to give you a brief description on what constipation is, and also the different home remedies to help you with this discomfort, and I would like to explain the different home remedies that you can use for Babies,Children, Adults, and Pregnant Women.

If you are suffering with constipation, Just keep in mind that this is a very natural and common problem among many people across the nation.  If you are constipated, don’t worry.  You are not the first and not the last.  Thankfully, there are a wide variety of home constipation remedies that can help you through this frustrating and painful time that you are dealing with. I know that it feels like its never going to end or go away, I can assure you that by using the home remedies, your bowel movements will be regular and you will start to experience comfort again.

I would like to mention something about constipation symptoms.  If yours seem to worsen or you feel it is not getting any better, and you feel like you have attempted every option, such as over-the-counter medicine, our constipation home remedies, changed your diet, but you are still feeling constipated:   this could be a indication of a severe health issue.   At that time you would want to consult a Health Care Professional to seek the proper treatment.

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